The Rejection Project (518)

A few months ago, I was approached by Allison Lerman-Gluck and Alex Hovet, two young artists putting together a collaborative play called The Rejection Project (518).  Together, they collected tons of stories of rejection submitted by all kinds of folks from Albany, and created a multi-media, scripted performance that will be performed at the Albany Barn next week.

I haven't had too many experiences where I'm given almost full creative control over a design project from start to finish, but Allison and Alex put their faith in me. I created an extremely simple mark, using an "X" as a symbol for rejection. From there I designed a poster for the play, using an illustration of a crowd of people as the foundation. In a way, it was a good exercise for me, but I have to self critique a little, here. Overall, I am quite happy with the design. I chose colors and typefaces that I love, kept things simple and even got to draw, which I don't do often. Perhaps you can see though, that when given full control, I was kind of timid and a little restrained? Maybe this is me dealing with my own fears of rejection? Could I have pushed the design further? Or was this a good place to call it "done?" I wonder how others would have approached this assignment!

Posters were printed locally on French Paper Co. Speckletone paper. Get your show tickets here!