spring update

I started writing this post from an 86 degree Easter Sunday in Washington D.C. when we were in town for a wedding, and I remember thinking that at the time it really good to see some sunshine and leaves on trees. That draft sat for over a month and here I am back in Albany, where we've finally emerged from the long winter and are now enjoying leaves on trees as well. Here's a little bit of what's been going on in the studio. 

Tour poster design for my friend Meg's band, Hand Habits


Branding design for Pint Sized (formerly Brew), a craft beer shop in Albany and soon, Saratoga, will have a sweet tasting room. I also created interior mural designs for the Saratoga location which they amazingly installed themselves using a projector. I need to get down there and shoot some images though! 

The Half Moon Market is coming up at the end of the month, which is a weekend-long bi-annual makers market that I organize with my friend Adelia. Adelia is the real mastermind behind this event, dealing with a lot of the market logistics and curation, and I have the fun job of creating the look and feel of the event's marketing materials every year. Adelia is a pretty bad-ass art director, though, and encouraged (maybe challenged?) me to create a poster using all hands-on materials. I edited/put together the pieces digitally, but everything you see was made originally with good old fashioned art supplies, like gouache, watercolor, ink and marker. Super fun. Come if you are local! 

There are a ton of other projects I've been working on, so keep an eye out for an actual portfolio update soon, but in the meantime enjoy this springtime playlist I made on Spotify.